ConceptionMedia is producing media and advising on the social media campaign to launch ALERT, a campaign to connect human health and oil. ALERT ’s mission to connect the true effects on human health to oil operations including fracking, tar sands, offshore drilling, oil spills and coal. This project can be a silver bullet in the debates on climate change and the future of U.S. energy policies.  ALERT has formed in response to the rapid expansion of dangerous fracking activities and tar sands mining across the nation and can truly make the difference we have all been looking for by empowering communities to fight back against extreme energy development.

ALERT stands for A Locally Empowered Response Team. It is dedicated to creating informed awareness of the human health risks of our oil dependency and to strengthening policies to protect the public and workers from petrochemical exposures. Healthy people and healthy communities must be part of the debates about our energy future. ALERT will share basic information about the public health impacts of extreme oil activities,  provide training to empower people at risk of harmful petrochemical exposure to have a voice in what happens in their communities and launch a testing and treatment program for chemical illness to demonstrate what can be done to treat people who have been exposed to toxic chemicals from oil activities.