The project will produce a series of short, hard-hitting video segments designed to motivate and involve union members and the general public in political, grassroots and workplace campaigns. Continue reading

A Dialogue for Peace is a mission-based campaign designed to break through myths and misconceptions and connect and build lasting relationships between the next generation of American and Middle Eastern leaders. Continue reading

ConceptionMedia was contracted to provide a short form documentary and 30 second TV spots for the Santa Barbara YES on Measure P campaign. The campaign became a national story as out of state oil companies Continue reading

This blog’s mission is to bring the unheard voices of the crisis in Iraq out to the world. Voices from Iraq project will be posting audio recordings, videos and writings from Iraqi civilians, journalists and analysts Continue reading

ConceptionMedia is producing media and advising on the social media campaign to launch ALERT, a campaign to connect human health and oil. ALERT ’s mission to connect the true effects on human health to oil operations Continue reading

ConceptionMedia is in development on a media campaign highlighting the specific regional effects of climate change on the United States and to empower a call to action on a national level. The goal of the campaign Continue reading

ConceptionMedia supported  a unique and visionary humanitarian aid organization that delivered medical and humanitarian aid to Iraqi civilians suffering in combat areas inside Iraq. IPA was a historic effort between Continue reading

In 2014, ConceptionMedia was approached to produce a short promotional film on the first developmental disabled artists gallery in Southern California. It was our unique honor to work with these people to promote Continue reading