ConceptionMedia is in development on a media campaign highlighting the specific regional effects of climate change on the United States and to empower a call to action on a national level. The goal of the campaign is to break through the reluctance of the general population to accept the nature of the threat to society and inspire a national movement to take action towards effective and reasonable solutions.

The mission of The PLAN is to create a nationwide, student-led movement that will inspire and empower the people of the United States to take action, on a massive scale, toward a common goal: saving a planet in peril from climate change and the resulting economic and political collapse and social and environmental chaos.

The PLAN is a project of ConceptionMedia a media organization that founded the groundbreaking and award winning initiative, A Dialogue for Peace. Building on a proven track record of inspiring and motivating student populations, The PLAN proposes to produce a national university tour of historic activation events on campuses around the nation during the Fall election season of 2016 and beyond. Each event will employ a unique combination of media modalities including music concerts, a documentary film, social networking and satellite videoconference technologies to literally bring to life the issue of global warming. These modalities will create a direct and inspirational interaction between U.S. students and their peers across the globe presently living with the dire consequences of climate change.

Inspired by these events, and empowered by mobilization and action strategies developed by the ConceptionMedia Team, the students will be inspired to join a national student-led movement designed to achieve large-scale environmental and socio-economic change. The actions developed by this project will create momentum on a mass scale that will serve to motivate and encourage hopeless people around the globe to realize that positive and peaceful change can indeed be accomplished, thus motivating and inspiring broader global movements.