ConceptionMedia was contracted to provide a short form documentary and 30 second TV spots for the Santa Barbara YES on Measure P campaign. The campaign became a national story as out of state oil companies poured over 5 million dollars into the fight. The anti fracking campaign fought back by contracting with ConceptionMedia.

City and county-level ballot initiatives that try to ban fracking across the nation have brought the full weight of oil industry campaign actions. In each race, it’s outrageously outspending its opponents. Fossil fuel giants Chevron, Aera Energy, ExxonMobil, and Occidental, among others, have poured more than $7 million into a coalition—Californians for Energy Independence—fighting the proposed measures in California. In Santa Barbara County (pop. 435,700), opponents have raised over $5.7 million to fight the proposed ban, beating supporters by a roughly 19-1 margin.
ConceptionMedia was proud to lend its support to this unfair political fight.