After the Revolution led by Sunni tribes and after they gained control of the city of Mosul (400 km) north Baghdad, Al Qaeda took advantage of the Sunnis tragic situation in Iraq and they moved in to become a part of the revolution, which for them (al-Qaida) was a time they had been waiting for in order to return to the front again. Initially, the Sunni tribes rejected their presence and refused to deal with them because they know that Al Qaeda, now called IS in Iraq, will bring devastation and destruction to Iraq again as they did in 2006 and 2007. The leaders of the revolutionary tribes such as Mr. Sheikh Ali Hatem, confirmed that they will not allow IS to control the Sunni areas because they, the Iraqi  people, reject terrorism and terrorists. He also said: “this Revolution in Iraq is against the injustice and it has come to return rights to Sunni people in Iraq.  We are against terrorism and we were the first people who fought against terrorism and al-Qaeda in the city of Ramadi and Fallujah in 2007.”

But they were not able to stop IS. If we follow the violence in Middle East we will find Al Qaeda/IS always  appears in surprise, exploits people who are oppressed by dictatorial regimes and ensures their loyalty under the pretext of helping them in the elimination of brutal governments. But in fact, Al-Qaeda/IS appears only to save and promote themselves, as what happened this time. Al- Qaeda/IS appears, promises to help the desperate and exploited people and then fights the forces of moderation. Always, the innocent people are the biggest losers because they were targeted by dictatorial regimes and then in the end, they are targeted by  Al Qaeda/IS.

If you truly want to fight Al Qaeda/IS, you must fight exploitation and human rights violations and stop supporting brutal repressive governments around the world. Follow their weapons and see who supports them, they will be the ones who support terror and dictatorships. Follow their weapons. Who is arming Al Qaeda/IS, they are the ones supporting terror.

From a Iraqi Journalist who wishes to remain anonymous.