ConceptionMedia supported  a unique and visionary humanitarian aid organization that delivered medical and humanitarian aid to Iraqi civilians suffering in combat areas inside Iraq. IPA was a historic effort between Conception Mediathe international community and Iraqi civilians to deliver humanitarian aid and medical supplies to women, children, and families in conflict areas inside Iraq. ConceptionMedia provided a successful multi- level promotional and funding strategy involving satellite communication events and media assets, including promotional documentary videos and digital marketing campaigns.

The organization was entirely unique in that it brought together a staff of local Iraqi doctors, humanitarian aid workers, and volunteers working on the ground in Iraq with an international support network to help facilitate that work. This model enabled IPA to effectively work in the dangerous areas of Iraq where other aid organizations had pulled out. Since its inception in January 2005, IPA successfully completed numerous missions delivering aid to the refugees of Fallujah – when other organizations have not been able to do so – including medical supplies and humanitarian needs such as blankets, stoves, water kits, fans, baby formula and Qurans. The organization facilitated numerous missions into areas where the most intense urban fighting was taking place, in the towns of Fallujah, Haditha, Rawa, Ramadi, Samarra, Tala’afar, and Al Qaim.

ConceptionMedia was honored to support this campaign building bridges between the people of two nations at war, helping to build an international network of humanity that came together to create a more peaceful and humane world.