This report is from our Iraqi colleague who will be posting updates. He wishes to remain anonymous and to be identified as an unnamed Iraqi journalist.

On the 10th of June an armed revolution happened in Iraq against the sectarian-U.S supported Iraqi government. This revolution was lead by Sunni people who have suffered more and more during the last 10 years from injustice, arresting innocent people, torturing, blocking in all Sunni areas by concrete walls, killing many of them at prisons and arresting women and raping them. It was too much and for too long.

After all these human rights violations the Sunni people launched a 13 month long sit-in and protest against all these injustices and more. The protests ran from January 2013 to the end of January 2014. It was an open and peaceful sit-in in 6 Provinces (Baghdad – Diyala – Salahuddin – Mosul- Ramadi- Kirkuk ). They were asking for their rights and for the Human Rights violations to be stopped. No one listen from the Government, for over one year we heard nothing at all, not one word.

kirkukThen in April 2013, the Iraqi government started an attack on the Sunni sit-in camp in Kirkuk and killed 57 persons. They also attacked Fallujah and Ramadi at the beginning of Janurary, 2014 in a big attack by Iraqi army and also bombard them by the air force. They killed many people, every day. This continued for six months so on the 10th of June, 2014 the people rose up and started the process of defending themselves and their families. Now they control Mosul -Salahuddin – most of Diyala and Ramadi provinces. Many innocent people have been killed in this war in bombardment by missiles and by explosive barrel (cluster bombs).

This war is making many problems for Iraq and the Iraqi people. More than (1.5 million) Iraqis are now refugees. Rising prices of all goods especially food have hurt us all and hurt all our business as well.

Sunni people who live in Baghdad are now living under the daily threat of revenge of Shiite militia and the Shiite government. They can’t sleep at night because there is uncertainty and danger and because of the arbitrary house raids and arrests of innocent people.

I wake up every morning to see myself and my family living this way. Most of my neighbors left from the beginning when it was easy to leave but now there is no way out, it is too dangerous to travel now. Life in Iraq has become like hell. Every day Iraqi army raids homes and arrests many innocent people. We find them later at at Baghdad morgues dead after they get arrested by the Iraqi army. Shiite militias control Baghdad and they work together with the Army at checkpoints to kidnap Sunni people in front of the Army and kill them as revenge, and for what? We did nothing?

Today we Iraqis face unknown future and we live under total chaos. We do not know when we will get kidnapped and killed by militias or killed in random fighting. In our best days, we don’t know if we will lose one of our family members in this new war.

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