We Are the American Dream is a national campaign to promote workers’ rights and unions, both vital component of a just society and essential for the continued survival of the American middle class. The campaign involves a multimedia strategy including digital media, television and web commercials, and documentary films.Right-to-good-jobs_page

The Issue

A powerful combination of corporate and political entities and a well-funded network of conservative think tanks and policy centers have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fund a strategic campaign to undermine American unions and labor organizations. This assault on workers’ rights now underway is a powerful and effective effort to destroy get-out-the-vote organizational support for democrats and de-fund the Democratic Party and the political left in the United States.

A Solution

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” achieved through a strong and growing middle class is the American dream and workers’ rights and fair wages are an essential components of that dream. Unions in America have been an essential element in attaining the essential rights most working Americans enjoy today.

We Are the American Dream campaign will deliver a central message that unions are fighting for the rights of ALL workers. The message will be delivered from a broad cross-section of voices and faces of American workers both union and non-union alike. The campaign will include a web site designed to inform and engage viewers on projects implemented by unions that are designed to benefit the American worker and their families.