A Journey to Peace

One Mother’s Quest to Stop the Suffering of War

A Journey to Peace features the story of Nadia McCaffrey, whose son Patrick was killed in the line of duty in Iraq in June 2004. His death received national attention after Nadia invited the press to record images of his flag-draped coffin returning home, contravening U.S. Military policy and president Bush’s ban on the filming of U.S. Soldiers’ coffins returning home from Iraq. Following Patrick’s death, Nadia McCaffrey has become an international voice for peace and responsibility in government. In December 2004 Nadia embarked on a peace mission to the Middle East to meet with Iraqi families who lost loved ones in the Iraq war. These meetings between Americans and Iraqis were emotionally charged and deeply healing for all who witnessed them. In A Journey to Peace, Nadia takes us inside her story with the hopes that it will be healing for many more and that we may join her in her peace mission.