ISAM RASHEED, Producer/Cameraman

(Middle East Producer, Cameraman)

Isam Rasheed was born and lives in Baghdad, Iraq and has been a journalist, producer, and videographer since 2003. Isam has worked on many documentary films for Iraqi satellite channels such as Baghdad TV, Baghdadiya Channel, and Babeliya TV. His work with world media outlets include: British C4 (True Face of War, Baghdad: The Hidden Story), ITV news, ARD Germany Channel, BBC News (The 4th Anniversary of the Invasion), PBS – WBGH Frontline (Gangs of Iraq), ABC Japanese channel (Sourcecode), Sky TV, AiB (Wounded People in Iraq), RCC News Channel, Hiroshima, Japan, Free Speech TV (US) and ConceptionMedia production company (Caught in the Crossfire, The Road to Fallujah).