Mark Manning, Founder / CEO


Mark Manning is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and director of internationally-acclaimed films, including The Road to Fallujah. Mark began his career as a union commercial diver and plied his trade in the world’s oceans, ports and harbors for 20 years. Immediately following the tragedy of 9/11, he put down his hard hat, picked up a camera and became an immersive filmmaker, traveling over 10,000 miles across America to make the acclaimed feature documentary American Voices, an in-depth look at the American culture and psyche following the crisis. Mark then traveled to Iraq soon after the Iraq war began. His coverage of the war has been broadcast around the world and he became the only Westerner to live with the people of Fallujah after the city was destroyed and produced two award-winning documentaries: Caught in the Crossfire and The Road to Fallujah. Mark was the co-founder and director of an international humanitarian relief organization specializing in delivering medical aid to combat zones in Iraq during the war. The agency ran over twenty successful missions during the height of the conflict. He is presently the President and Founder of ConceptionMedia a feature documentary film and campaign production company, Global Access Media a non profit media company and OURVOICE.TV an action campaign and empowerment media company. He is also the founder and director of the Clinton Global Initiative project, Dialogues for Peace, an education initiative between universities in Iraq and the United States.

His films have broadcast in over 40 countries and 8 languages, and coverage on his films and campaigns have included, CNN, MSNBC, Japan Today, Air America, DemocracyNow, Free Speech TV, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, The Mercury News, NY Times, Clear Channel, Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera and 46 International Film Festivals including; Slam Dance, Miami, Telluride, Atlanta, Hot Docs, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Boston, Malibu, Palm Beach, The United Nations, RainDance and WTI Istanbul, Turkey.