(Middle East Producer)

Rana Al-Aiouby was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1972. She received a degree in French literature and language from Al-Musstanssria University Baghdad, in 1996 and worked as a private tutor until the US-led invasion in 2003. She then did research and interpretation/translation for the following news organizations: BBC-TV News (Newsnight), BBC website, ABC News (Nightline with Ted Koppel), Al Jazeera, Polish Radio, De Morgen (Belgian newspaper). In 2004, after the second siege of Fallujah, she worked with Mark Manning to co-produce a short documentary: Caught in the Crossfire. In early 2005, she co-founded and serves as executive director of International Peace Angels, an NGO which provides direct humanitarian relief to areas of conflict inside Iraq. Rana has documented the civilian situation in Iraq since the invasion and has become an eloquent spokesperson around the world about Iraqi civilian life, addressing such audiences as the War Crimes Conference in Malaysia, the World Social Forum in Nairobi, and several cities in the UK and United States.