The project will produce a series of short, hard-hitting video segments designed to motivate and involve union members and the general public in political, grassroots and workplace campaigns. The project is created to educate audiences and support actions to counter the spread of so-called “right to work” initiatives that undermine union security and are a direct attack on good jobs, the Democratic Party, and America’s working class.

By making the connection between labor rights and human rights and unmasking those behind the antiunion agenda disguised as “right to work,” we will expose the true threat it represents to every American, both union and nonunion and motivate our audiences to take action now.

For unions, the four hard-hitting films will engage union members in thoughtful conversations about how “open-shops” erode conditions on the job and harm the quality of life at home and in the community. Each film segment will be accompanied by short discussion questions and small group exercises that have proven to successfully involve and motivate workers.