Voices From Iraq

The-GravesThis blog’s mission is to bring the unheard voices of the crisis in Iraq out to the world. Voices from Iraq project will be posting audio recordings, videos and writings from Iraqi civilians, journalists and analysts bringing you unfiltered viewpoints and stories from the people directly affected by the ongoing crisis. Our mission is to provide an outlet for those who wish to tell their stories to the world and for our audiences and readers to hear directly from individuals living with the outcome and legacy of America’s war. It is our intention to provide new insights supporting positive discussions and dialogues that seek solutions to this crisis.

Do to the dangerous and chaotic situation in Iraq, many of our contributors have asked to remain anonymous to protect themselves and their families. It is our hope that we will be able to give them the credits they deserve in a more peaceful future.

In June of this year major cities in Iraq were taken over by armed forces. A brutal struggle is now underway with millions of Iraqi civilians again suffering the costs of war. The following posts are voices from the streets of the conflict.

Audio Reports From Iraqi Journalist

July 16,2012

Written Reports From Iraqi Journalist

14Jul 2014

This report is from our Iraqi colleague who will be posting updates. He wishes to remain anonymous and to be identified as an unnamed Iraqi journalist. Continue reading